The Good Efforts, The Good Life

Does Singapore truly have Racial Harmony?

We, the citizens of Singapore, pledge ourselves as one united people, regardless of race, language or religion From a young age, we’re taught about a utopian-like racial harmony in Singapore. Beyond the pledge we recite, we annually celebrate Racial Harmony Day where diverse ethnic and cultural costumes are proudly displayed. But have we truly achieved that level […]

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The Good People

Umi Waheeda, the mother to 15,000 children

‘When I’m gone, I cannot take care of my children, that’s why I am building this system.’ – Umi Waheeda Taking care of just one child is a handful for most parents, but Umi Waheeda cares for 15 000. The 51-year-old Singaporean heads the Al-Ashriyyah Nurul Iman Islamic Boarding School in Indonesia, providing free education, […]

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