The Good Advice

3 Ways To Be Happier! ft Shaen from Positive Education

Many of us lament about unhappiness, and often associate it with our busy lives where our to-do lists are often overflowing with responsibilities and commitments awaiting our attention. Setting off on the journey to find out how we can seek happiness in small ways,  The Hidden Good has collaborated with Shaen from Positive Education! We […]

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The Good Life

5 Ways To Make Your Free Time Meaningful

Where do you spend your free time? Youtube? Netflix? Reddit? I should make the disclaimer that I definitely don’t regret spending hours on RuPaul’s Drag Race (I genuinely consider that time wisely spent) but sometimes you just want to do something different in your free time! That’s why here at The Hidden Good, we have […]

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The Good People

Umi Waheeda, the mother to 15,000 children

‘When I’m gone, I cannot take care of my children, that’s why I am building this system.’ – Umi Waheeda Taking care of just one child is a handful for most parents, but Umi Waheeda cares for 15 000. The 51-year-old Singaporean heads the Al-Ashriyyah Nurul Iman Islamic Boarding School in Indonesia, providing free education, […]

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