#MyMusicMyNoise : ‘Lion’ by Isaac Ong

“To everybody who has been pushed around or been bullied, the voices in your head and in your heart have to be greater than the voices around. And that’s why I sing.” – Isaac Ong

‘Lion’ is a song about taking ownership of your life and the circumstances that are thrown at you. It wishes to inspire hope and belief amongst its viewers, in a way where they feel empowered to continue to fight hard even in the midst of the obstacles that life inevitably poses. The song was written by Isaac to touch the hearts of just about anybody. It contains messages for those who have been or still are being mistreated or bullied. It was tailored for the ears of people who have been taken advantaged of, especially for those who are still struggling in silence with internal conflicts present in their hearts.

’I’m a lion and I’m on fire.’ What words of sheer empowerment.

It is not an unknown fact that bullying is prevalent in today’s society. There is a lot of mistreatment and unnecessary negativity going on. ‘Lion’ was written based on experiences of letting negativity puppet actions and thoughts. Having gone through such an emotional journey himself, Isaac understands what it’s like to feel inadequate and helpless. However, as difficult as it may be, this feeling and state of mind is not an impossible battle to fight.

With ‘Lion’, Isaac hopes to inspire his listeners, who are facing struggles in life, to press on and get out of what may seem so dark and hopeless. If there’s one thing we can control, it’s our thoughts. That is why we should not let such negativity define us and distract us from enjoying life for what it really is. Just be who you are, and roar like a lion. We are all capable of great things.

Check out Isaac’s ‘Lion’ music video below!
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