#MyMusicMyNoise : ‘Human’ by Cheryl Tan

‘The pursuit of excellence is admirable, but never berate yourself over failed pursuits. And most importantly, regardless of who you are, your successes or faults, you are deserving of all the love and happiness in the world.’ – Cheryl Tan

‘Human’ is a song about being kind, not only to those around you but also to yourself. In today’s demanding society, it isn’t difficult to be caught chasing perfection. We start belittling our capabilities when we see others achieving things we have not, especially when we have put in our utmost efforts. Some of us may even start asking ourselves: ‘Why is it that he can, but I can’t?’

Let’s cut ourselves some slack.

The song revolves around questioning the concept of ‘self-love’ and ‘forgiveness’. It was written to encourage us to forgive ourselves for making mistakes, both the small and big ones. It’s easy to beat ourselves up with constant playbacks of incidents that we wished never happened. The aftermath of these mistakes may very well be amplified in our heads. Having written ‘Human’, Cheryl wishes to reach out to those who feel stressed out from the hustle and bustle of life.

Those who are fighting a constant battle with trying to achieve their perception of greatness, which may be one so strenuous that it seems utterly defeating. Often enough, many of us fear the possibility of failure, which makes the pursuit of excellence so admirable. Failure, however, should not be a hindrance to us trying to succeed, because from it, we are able to learn and grow. We become a better version of ourselves. With the finite time we have in this world, taking opportunities with possible failures is a worthy investment to make, especially if there’s even the slightest chance for success.

As the saying goes, it takes many failures to make a success. We should never be too hard on ourselves for trying. With ‘Human’, Cheryl hopes to encourage people to pursue their passions despite the tough climb to get there. Try with success in mind, but also remember that it’s okay to fail. We’re only human after all, aren’t we?

Check out Cheryl’s ‘Human’ music video below!

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