Giving birth in a GOJEK car

On 23 August 2019, at about 5:30am, I started to feel light contractions.


Nurisah Mohamed initially ignored her contractions, though they started happening every 5 minutes at around the 8:30am mark.

Nurisah opted for a GOJEK to the hospital due to the fact that she was not due for birth just yet. Her sister-in-law was by her side.



To the hospital

They met Mr Leng Khee Kwong, who was instructed to drive Nurisah, her sister-in-law and the little one to KK Hospital.



But before we could reach the hospital, I was in labour… It was such a chaotic moment! I was shouting so badly because of the pain. My water bag burst, and my sister-in-law said she could see the baby’s head coming out…


Driver’s kindness

The driver was very nice to assist us with the support by calming me down and saying 123 push… Don’t worry we will reach soon…


Mr Leng was calm and level-headed, and consistently reassured Nurisah to breathe and that they were reaching the hospital soon.

After an exhausting 20 minute period, Nurisah welcomed to the world her second daughter – in Mr Leng’s car!

Eventually, they arrived at KK Hospital. Nurisah and her little one were sent to the labour ward. She was later assisted by the nurses on the proper tools and safety precautions.

Thank you, Mr Leng

I’m sorry for the chaotic moments and the mess in your car. Even when we insist to give him some cash, he doesn’t want it and congrats us on the safe delivery.


We could learn a thing or two from Mr Leng. For starters: his calm nature and ability to support Nurisah when she needed it most! Giving birth is undoubtedly a physically excruciating experience, and Mr Leng was able to let her remember to breathe throughout.

The fact that he also rejected the extra cash as perhaps an offer for the mess made in the car. Mr Leng’s kindness transcends the transactional bounds, rejecting the extra money being offered to him.

Sure, the circumstances were presented as such, but Mr Leng took his newfound responsibility and embraced it with gusto! Thank you Mr Leng for your kindness, and helping Nurisah every step of the way!

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