3 Ways To Be Happier! ft Shaen from Positive Education

Many of us lament about unhappiness, and often associate it with our busy lives where our to-do lists are often overflowing with responsibilities and commitments awaiting our attention.

Setting off on the journey to find out how we can seek happiness in small ways,  The Hidden Good has collaborated with Shaen from Positive Education!

We have published 3 videos with Shaen which you can find here but if you prefer to read rather than watch, we’ll catch you up right now!

1. Trick Your Brain With A Smile

Huh, tricking my brain? Perhaps you think this is wacky but according to recent research from the University of Kansas, you can! A simple smile produces the same effect on happiness whether you mean it or not.smilegifarticle

Even forcing a fake smile can release hormones that help to reduce stress in your body and mind, and help you feel more positive. So think happy things and put a smile on that face right now to see if you feel a difference!

2. The Effects Of Gratitude

Being grateful is actually a lot more rewarding than you may think it is. Researcher Robert Emmons has found gratitude to be one of the most powerful emotions because it uplifts you. We all have a negative bias which inhibits us from noticing the good parts of our life and makes a sense of appreciation harder to come by.


It isn’t just about listing “I’m grateful for my eyes, nose and ears.” It’s about also asking “Why am I grateful for these things?” That’s when you begin to realise how your eyes allow you to see beautiful sights, or how your mouth lets you taste freshly made bubble tea. 

There’s so much smile-worthy sights to be grateful for!

That’s when you begin to see that life has its good points too, and allow you to objectively and healthily manage any obstacles at hand. So start small by thinking of one thing you’re grateful for!

3. Connecting With Your Loved Ones

We’re all so busy nowadays that the word “overwhelmed” is overused.

When was the last time you had a meaningful conversation with your loved ones? Our days can just consist of us fighting to stay ahead of the game, without realising we can take a breath every now and then.


There’s no better time than the present to build a stronger support system with your loved ones and keep each other afloat. When we spend time with people we love, we feel secure, loved and are better able to weather challenges.

So instead of simply asking “How was your day?” and pretend to listen or get distracted by your phone, genuinely ask, “Really, how WAS your day? I really want to know,” and savour the moments they are willing to reveal their life to you. This will make you feel happier in life!

Don’t forget to check out the videos, and we wish you all the happiness in the world!



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