Hoodat!: Nasita

Tell me more about yourself

My name is Nasita binte Nasrul, and I am a wife and mother of three beautiful daughters. I am currently working freelance and am also a full-time housewife.

How do you manage to balance between volunteering, work life, and social life?

Whenever it is possible, I will find time to be part of Hidden Good Lab and Social Experiments. At the same time, I am still able to balance commitments such as work and social life.

“I joined The Hidden Good because I believe in making a difference towards the community.”

We need more people like myself to make the world a better place, by impacting others towards positivity and trying our best to create social awareness by doing good to others, in all sorts of mediums such as giving a helping hand, giving ideas for social experiments, etc.

Describe your experience at THG in one sentence.

I am a positive changemaker.

“I learnt to have a positive attitude by not comparing myself to others. This has taught me to love myself more instead of putting others before me.”

THG has also taught me to be charitable to those who are in need. For example, I will do charitable acts such as donating or striking conversation with strangers.

Are there any personal thoughts regarding being a hoodie to share with the youth community?

As a hoodie, I feel The Hidden Good is a great platform to make new friends who are into sharing new ideas, to network for opportunities that may help you in the long run and to be creative.

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