Hoodat!: Farhan

Tell me more about yourself
I am Farhan and I am currently taking a gap year after completing my National
Service to develop valuable life skills such as learning new languages and
improving my inter-personal skills. I have a strong interest in connecting with
people and this has helped foster my passion for volunteering and contributing
to the workplace in ways that challenge social norms.


What is The Hidden Good (THG) to you?
THG is a safe place for me to contribute creative ideas that can be implemented
on a larger scale for good, with others. It is also a place for me to share about
my problems and hardships with the hoodies and discover myself from
another’s perspective.


Why did you decide to become a hoodie?
I was invited by Afzal to join one of the “Thankful Thursdays” events that The
Hidden Good (THG) organised. My first impression of THG was the openness
within the community. I started attending Thankful Thursdays frequently and
helped in other events as well (i.e the MP3 experiment). I was invited by Bao
Xin to join the Hoodie Lab, where it is a new experience for me to explore new

I believe in what THG does – connecting with people. And I believe that in the
strong friendships I have made that lasts, we were able to help one another
because the power of two is stronger than one. The joy that comes out of it
outweighs all.


How do you feel after each THG event? (e.g Thankful Thursdays, MP3
Jiezhen, our #girlboss at THG, mentioned that our time in the Hoodie Lab, one
of our events, is a time for us to be re-charged and that is exactly how I feel
after each session. I feel that I am part of a bigger community and when I
attended the sessions, I noticed that the Hoodies bore an open mind towards
new comers as well as people from different and unique backgrounds.


How has being a hoodie changed your outlook in life?
Being a hoodie has provided me with various unique experiences, from which I
have learnt so much more about my own life than I ever have before.
Take a look at volunteering from another perspective. Does volunteering mean
that your beneficiary would benefit but yet you gain nothing out of it? Are there
any intangible benefits that you might gain?

To me, volunteering allows me to meet different individuals with kind hearts
and enables me to develop friendships with them. After becoming a hoodie and
interacting with different individuals, when I see people on the streets needing
any form of aid, I can now overcome my instinct of holding myself back and
instead, go straight up to them to offer a helping hand. In a way, I feel a
certain connection towards everyone, anywhere. They do not feel like
“strangers” after all.


What motivates you to continue being a hoodie?
I believe that there are many fulfilling activities to spend time on. My
motivation for all these is that through being a Hoodie, I can meet new people
and it motivates me because I am a strong believer that social interactions can
bring about unexpected rewards and even though I get tired at times, the joy of
volunteering and the benefits to my own personal growth, which I get out of the
process, is what motivates me to keep going on. My biggest transformation
happened because of my time in THG; I have never looked back ever since. Just
come, because you will never know what you would be missing out.

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