Hoodat!: Ridzwan

Tell me more about yourself:

I am 28-years of age this year and I’m currently working as a Medic at Central Fire Station. I have been volunteering at The Hidden Good (THG) since 2015, where I first met Jiezhen, our #girlboss at THG, at the MP3 experiment.


How do you manage to balance between volunteering, work/school life, and social life?

To me, volunteering is part of my social life. I like to meet like-minded people who believe in the same cause that I stand for and I’m attracted by their openness. There is no obligation and pressure to volunteer at THG, everyone is inclusive, and even if you are absent for a while, you still feel included in the community.


How did you get yourself into becoming a Hoodie? 

I was browsing through my Facebook and saw a post that my friend had liked. I was attracted by THG’S publicity and activities which allows one to meet new friends and like-minded people.


How has being a hoodie changed your outlook towards life? 

Being a hoodie has enabled me to learn how to accept other’s points even though I may not agree with them. I learnt that it is ok to ask others for help instead of doing things on my own. Also, I now believe that “No man is an island”; you don’t have to sacrifice your independence with strength.

A year ago, someone who wanted to ask for help was seen as weak as compared to someone who is emotionally independent. Being in THG and the advice given by the Hoodies taught me how to rely on others for emotional support instead of relying on independence and strength. I realized that in order for others to accept me, I have to be open towards them.I learned that I do not have to be alone when going through life challenges. I have others who are there for me like the Hoodies.


What made you stay after Thankful Thursday?

THG is a mini family, everyone is inclusive and understanding towards each other.  I like the open environment where you can share about everything, at the same time, uncovering ‘The Hidden Good’ in Singapore.


Are there any personal thoughts regarding being a hoodie to share with the youth community?

Everyone always has a cause that they’re interested in. To me, my interest would be discrimination and health. THG does projects related to those and when doing those projects, I learned that there are more that needs to be done. People need to increase their awareness about the different races and religions beyond general knowledge. People in the THG are always willing to help you out. We follow a certain adage: “Having the courage to let others in, develops one to become a better self.”  Being transparent helps in bringing acceptance within the community. This assists in breaking down barriers and creating a conducive environment where everyone feels appreciated and accepted.


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