Why Luck favours the prepared

Written by Melissa Robert

Originally adapted from Sound the City

Growth comes from within. And it all starts with mindset. As taught in the famous novel ‘7 habits of highly effective people’, all things are created twice. First in the mind, and then physically. This is in direct relation to goal-setting and taking the actions to achieve these goals. Let us first start with Step 1. A mental creation within one of the greatest wanders in the world: The human mind. We have the ability to explicitly envision what we would like or future to look like. How fixated is our mind, however,  on the ability to grow beyond what we are today?

The innate desire to take every failure as a pathway to greater things is what we call a growth mindset. Where our biggest competitor is the person who we were yesterday. There is nothing static in the world and everything is subject to change. This no doubt  includes skills and potential. But how willing and resilient are we? To take every moment of failure as a step closer to what we have set ourselves out to achieve. That’s when we get down and dirty and work towards our goals. That’s where a little luck wouldn’t kill hey? Could we possibly exhaust opportunities and increase the proximity of luck?


The answer is yes.

‘‘Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity’’
– Seneca


Our whole life is a series of preparation work. We prepare for examinations to get into good schools, and we prepare for interviews to land the job we desire , and so on. Some of us direct our lives by initiating, and others let life direct us, by responding. There is a huge difference between the two.  You either be in control, or be controlled. So, you might have a dream that you set out to achieve. But the question you should be asking yourself is if and when that opportunity comes knocking at your door:


”How prepared are you today to astonish it?”


Have you been curious enough to be well-endowed on how to succeed if the opportunity were to strike in front of you, right here and right now. Well, if the answer is no. Then it’d be good to start preparing. Fortune does favor the prepared. Have a mission to do something in alignment with your goals each day. Keep a keen mind for curiosity, and a hunger for knowledge in the aspect you dream to thrive in. A little knowledge goes a long way when it is compounded. Don’t let the opportunity simply slip through your fingers. Whatever it is. Life is what you make it. So dictate life, by preparing. The learning should never stop.

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