Turning Vulnerability into Strength

Written by Melissa Robert

Originally adapted from Sound The City


Vulnerability: On the contrary of how it may be portrayed as a weakness, it’s true identity is nothing but utter strength. It does take the brave to walk into the battlefield without armour. In that sense, we should admire vulnerability. It’s not be something to be shunned.

‘You can’t get to courage without walking through vulnerability.’
– Brene Brown


What i’ve realised is that an enormous number of us are afraid to feel. Because with feelings comes transparency. It creates a peephole into your heart. It even opens a gate to potential shatters and cracks, in any event someone or something decides to turn around and walk away. Vulnerability does not come in just one form. It does not just exist in love, but also in dreams and aspirations and beliefs. The willingness to give all you can even though it might not reap returns. That is what being vulnerable is. I’m no expert, but perhaps life is more beautifully lived when you have felt all the feelings your body and mind is capable of. What good would it be if we ran from everything that intimidated us? Where would the thrill be? What about the adrenaline that keeps our heart pumping fast and hard? Yes, I’m talking about that drive that makes us feel alive.


‘We suffer more in imagination than in reality’


Could it be that vulnerability is not as scary as it is in our heads? Perhaps like the time you sat on the roller coaster and realised that it wasn’t as scary as it looked. It’s natural to be afraid of the unknown. So let’s get to know vulnerability and make the unknown known.

Maybe the first step of turning vulnerability into a strength is to first admit to yourself: What is it that you find important, and what is it that you want in life? Be it relationships, careers, wealth or any aspect really. To each his own. Know what puts a smile on your face, and fearlessly go after its success. Without vulnerability, it’s hard to train yourself to be brave. And without bravery it’s hard to live full. But once you’ve garnered enough experience in being vulnerable, i’m sure it’ll get easier to lift any obstacles in the way.

Be strong by being vulnerable.






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