Our Silent Heroes: The Firefighters

Written by Faith Leong


“Call 995 in the event of any fire emergency”, a number that we’re told to remember since young. But do we know the faces behind this number? Whenever there’s an emergency, we hear the loud siren before the bright red fire truck comes speeding down the street. Be it rain or shine, day or night, our firefighters are always ready to tackle any situation that comes their way. These silent heroes work 24/7 just to keep our city safe without asking for anything in return.


Just like many other firefighters in the SCDF, Israr is dedicated and passionate about his job despite the long hours. To thank and honour our firefighters for all their hard work, The Hidden Good (THG), a social enterprise in Singapore, partnered up with Honour SG to plan a little surprise for Israr. Did THG manage to pull this off?

Well, here’s what happened.


On a Friday afternoon, the unsuspecting Israr took a few THG members on a tour around the fire station where he shared about his training and firefighting experiences. However, Israr didn’t know that this was all part of the plan that ‘lured’ him to the place where his family, friends and other THG members were patiently waiting to surprise him.


It truly was a heartwarming and emotional moment when Israr’s family and friends expressed their love and appreciation for him. Even though there were times when Israr missed out on important events and celebrations, the full support he had allowed him to continue doing the job he loves.


So don’t be afraid to show your appreciation for our firefighters! If you see them on the street or there’s someone you know who’s a firefighter, thank them for their dedication and the sacrifices that they’ve made. It may not seem like much, but trust me, a simple ‘thank you’ goes a long way.


Being a firefighter isn’t easy, we know that it takes a lot of courage and perseverance. Here’s a shout out to all our firefighters: thank you for everything that you do and all the sacrifices that you make. You are the heroes that keep Singapore and her people safe.


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