WE ARE SINGAPORE: Heartwarming Highlights Of NDP 2018

This year’s National Day Parade (NDP) has got all of our attention, rousing excitement with great news such as the return of combined schools choir and with sneak peaks of the new goodies wrapped within the funpacks.

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 1.56.20 am.png

Howeverwith this year’s theme centred around “We Are Singapore”, there are a few other uplifting highlights which encourage inclusiveness within our local community that we should be excited for too.

Here are just a few that we’ve found!

1. Funpacks


For the first time, this year’s funpacks feature artworks from 38 students of 18 Special Education Schools to promote a more inclusive community. The students poured their hearts into expressing their feelings towards Singapore through the designs, making each and every funpack an extremely heartfelt take-home gift from NDP 2018.

“I hope that this is a strong message sent throughout society for everyone to play their part to support our special needs community, because they do have talents. / It’s not a question of we just want to showcase them. No, they have special talents and capabilities that many of us don’t have.” – President Halimah Yacob

Each funpack also contains a booklet that features all 18 pieces of art alongside the stories that they withhold, so make sure to take the time and read it to appreciate these meaningful works!

2. 18 Days of Giving, A Lifetime of Caring


This initiative, which involves more than a 100 community groups, organizations and agencies, has been launched in line with this year’s National Day Celebrations. 

This year’s celebration will be extended beyond the National Day Parade on the 9th of August. It’s about celebrating the kampong spirit, the unique Singaporean identity that binds us together. Let’s do our part to give back and care for this little red dot we call home! – NDPeeps (Youtube)

It involves a calendar of volunteering and welfare opportunities that will range from 14 July to 26 August. The initiative aims to build a more compassionate and inclusive community by rallying the nation to do good together.  Learn more about it and consider being a part of it here!

3. Short Films


One thing to look out for would be the films directed by award-winning filmmaker Boo Junfeng, which will feature 5 different Singaporeans from different walks of life who overcame adversity. This includes one of Singapore’s pioneering female Olympians, Madam Mary Klass, who was pleasantly surprised to have been featured. 

 “For Singaporean youths, be proud of what you want to do and what you want to achieve, train hard and always stand tall for your country.” – Madam Klass (The Straits Times)

Alongside Madam Klass’s inspirational story, Mr Mashruddin Saharuddin and his son Nizaruddin who busks together outside Tampines MRT station will also be featured within the film series.


These 5 personal stories remind us to honour and appreciate everyday Singaporeans and inspire us to overcome our personal adversities. With Boo’s artistic direction, the film series is definitely an emotional journey to look forward to!

What have you noticed about this year’s NDP?

From all us here at The Good Catalogue, Happy 53rd Birthday Singapore!



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