#TheGoodWomen: Stephanie Dickson – Fiancée . Yogi . Green Warrior

Stephanie Dickson

Fiancee . Yogi . Green Warrior . Writer . Third-Culture Kid . Speaker . Founder of Green Is The New Black

A savvy content creator, third-culture kid and an advocate for the environment, Stephanie is one badass lady boss strives to make a difference, starting with going green. As the founder of Green Is The New Black, Stephanie aims to make sustainability “sexy and mainstream”.

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So what’s the story?

Stephanie began her career in fashion, thinking it was her dream job. But, as time passed, she realised the negative impact the fashion industry had on the environment and decided that she didn’t want to be associated with such a harmful industry. Since quitting her job, she couldn’t imagine working in any other industries either. It seems like she would have found her way to sustainable living, one way or another.

“The more research I did the more I felt disconnected from the work I was doing…I was searching for something more. To be part of the good fight for the planet and part of a solution instead of a problem.”

But this doesn’t mean that she has given up on fashion. She loves sustainable, ethical fashion and finding out the stories behind those brands. She then incorporates what she learns in her life and shares what she does with others.

Armed with her creativity, knowledge and unrelenting desire to save the earth, Stephanie created Green Is The New Black! In order to promote sustainability, Green Is The New Black holds Conscious Festivals, giving environmentally conscious brands, organisations, and activists a space to come together to exchange knowledge or simply unite in the name of sustainability and conservation. On top of holding conferences with up to 3800 attendees, they create articles and videos to share tips and educate the masses on conscious living.

Stephanie strongly believes that the first step to gaining more clarity is by being engaged.

“There is no planet b and all of us are playing a part!”, she says with much gusto and conviction.

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To Stephanie, being a leader is to lead by example, to be “compassionate, confident, supportive, strong, always growing and learning, always moving forward.” She speaks with a proud glimmer in her eyes of the women that she looks up to, women that were unafraid to change the game, women who are disrupting industries and fighting against accepted norms, empowering many to take positive action in the process.  

As much as Stephanie sounds like a total boss, she is not without insecurities. She learned from life, that the best gift one can give to oneself is self-love.

To love yourself, she quips, is to “free yourself from the imposed limitations, wounds from the past, to allow yourself to heal and rebuild.”

Changing the internal dialogue from a negative and destructive one to one that is supportive and positive can be, according to her, “game-changing”.

Other than being the founder of Green Is The New Black, what other titles do you hold on to dearly that you would like to share with us?

Stephanie: I’m an Australian Scottish third culture kid raised in Asia, a speaker, Green Warrior, a writer, and a fiancée. I find myself using my voice as an environmental advocate, largely through daily choices and sustainable fashion. I love writing, sharing tips and tricks on how we can all add a little more green to our lives. Outside of work, I enjoy Kundalini Yoga, a good Netflix session and recently, learning the West Swing with my fiance.

Stephanie truly believes in making sustainable living accessible and is passionate about making a change every step of the way, inspiring and paving the way for future leaders everywhere. 


Through #TheGoodWomen series, we challenge the notion that being a successful woman has to look a certain way, and that inspiring female entrepreneurs and leaders are so much more than just their titles.

Written By Natalie

Natalie is a content writer that enjoys sunsets and movies. She loves having deep conversations about the world and dreams about being a rockstar. Connect with her on Instagram : @quackitsdonald



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