#TheGoodWomen: Eugenia Tan – Mother, Entrepreneur, Caregiver

Communication – the one bridge to connect to people around you. For some children who struggle with the fundamentals, Eugenia Tan helps to build that bridge with her speech and music therapy services at Communikidz Therapy.

Meeting Eugenia

With her warm, welcoming disposition, it felt natural to immediately feel comfortable with Eugenia. Her bright smile and cheerful demeanor left no question that she was the right person to work with children.
With her zest for helping others while balancing her passion for family and work- it would be pretty hard to not to be inspired by the way she is dedicated to her life.

A Natural Instinct to Serve People

Growing up with a love for music and the passion to give back to the community, Eugenia always had a clear vision of what her calling was.

“Maybe I was idealistic as a young child,’’ she quips.

The path of giving back to others was what she felt was meant for her. With no doubts nor hesitation, the way she followed her own vocation and calling was certainly admirable.


“I just always felt that that’s what I wanted to do.”

Making The Switch

Before having her own private practice, Eugenia started off as a speech therapist working for the community sector- working with children in early intervention centres, schools for children with learning and special needs, as well as charities.


However, with the timely arrival of her son, she knew she wanted to spend more time with him and having a private practice granted her the chance to do so.
Running a business was not a foreign concept to her. Growing up with parents who owned businesses, and having married a businessman, she felt that it would be inevitable before she was treading on the same path.

“I knew that there would be a point where I wanted to see what it would be like to run a business.”

Hence, Communikidz Therapy was born.


Even with her past experience in clinical work as well as managing teams in the community sector, being flexible in her new role as a business owner was a new hurdle. On top of providing therapy services to children, she had to be adjusted to handling her business herself. What eased transitioning into the difference in her career, she figured, was to maintain her own support network.

“I think in whatever changes that happen in your life, it’s just about, having people around you that are supportive.”

Connecting through communication

“Imagine if you couldn’t speak!”

A simple but significant statement- speaking may be easily taken for granted, but for children who come to her centre, obstacles in their speech and language development impact their confidence in communicating with other people. Through speech and music therapy, these children overcome feeling alienated from their family and friends.
Just like every business owner, she has ambitions for her private practice – which is to provide accessibility for families from all walks of life, especially of those from lower-income. With financial strain, parents may not prioritize their child’s communication progress. Affordable and yet quality therapy would redirect parents’ involvement in their with their child’s therapy.

“I just felt that people all deserve access to services and good quality therapy and not just people that can afford it in private practice.”

Family First


As much as she is dedicated to her profession – for Eugenia, her family was her world. With her upbringing of parents who provided unconditional love, her family has certainly inspired her to be the best therapist she can be each day to her clients

“My parents focused a lot more on the effort that we put in rather than the results that came out of it.”

Even as a new mother – her toddler has taught her patience as well as how to connect to the parents that she works with. With unconditional love she has grown for her son, she has learnt to better empathize with other parents’ love for their children.

“How much I love him has reminded me of how much all parents love their children.”

Eugenia, at a glance


Everyone may need a life-changing experience in their story to motivate them to do better. For Eugenia however, this was not the case. If anything, 11 years in her profession has always taught her that every improvement made by each child in their progress is life-changing.
With her incredible optimism, enthusiasm and care for the people she works with, along with the focus for her profession, it would be hard not to be inspired by Eugenia’s mission in giving back to the community. Every small milestone brings you closer to your goal, which is what she aims every day in her profession when helping children. I shall end off with Eugenia’s advice which summarizes her at a glance.

Just do the best that you can in helping others, and appreciate the work that you do.”



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