#TheGoodWomen: Adelynn Lee – Collector of Experiences, Makeup Artist, Chief Happiness Officer

“I used to take videos of myself talking to the camera. Yes, before Youtube.”

I stared mouth agape at Adelynn when she said that. Who knew – a mom, an entrepreneur, and a seasoned working woman… vlogging way before it was a thing?

She chuckled at my reaction, explaining that it was so she could monitor and improve on her speaking habits.

“All for the sake of self-presentation,” she quipped with a smile.

First Impressions

Rocking a pixie cut, a cute denim number and some chic dangly earrings, Adelynn struck me as your typical strong independent woman when I first met her. As a “Chief Happiness Officer”, she champions for the quintessential cause of Happiness and mental and emotional wellbeing at Soul Happy People – and mind you, this isn’t just any other social enterprise.

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Taken from https://soulhappypeople.com/

“Let’s face it, goal setting workshops are boring,” she says cheekily. And so, her passion lies in curating more fun and meaningful experiences for adults with play, through Soul Happy People. It’s a cause she feels particularly strongly about because of her personal journey of experiencing an intense mid-life crisis two years ago.

I was still in my previous job as a jewellery designer. One day I found myself asking, “Who am I? What is my purpose in life? Why am I here?”… I realised I was in an existential crisis. I tried to look for answers myself, and that’s how I eventually founded Soul Happy People. I realised Happiness was the answer.

“A Collector of Experiences”

Adelynn’s a learner, that’s for sure. “A lot of things I do, I do out of curiosity. And that helped me pick up many things,” she says. Everything that piqued Adelynn’s interest, she made sure to take up a course till she became an absolute pro at it.


It started with having a go at cosmetics when she was young. From that, she took up a make-up course and even became a full-fledged makeup artist for a few years. Then it was jewellery design, self-presentation classes, and the list goes on.

“I’m a collector of experiences… I like to paint my life with colour,” she says enthusiastically. Everything new that she encounters, she spins it into an avenue of interest and an opportunity to learn from it.

An Unconventional Mom

Perhaps this trope of “collecting experiences” could be applied to motherhood for Adelynn as well. “For the longest time, I could never imagine myself having a child. But after training and teaching children (during workshops), I thought I could give it go. You know, for the experience”, she joked.


In fact, according to her, many were shocked when they found out that the independent, crazy and playful person they knew turned out to be a mother of an adorable 10-year-old daughter.


Yet, she holds a strong stance on independence and definitely doesn’t shy back when it comes to her daughter.

How I chose to raise my child was very different from most parents. From Primary 1, she would wake up by herself, prepare food for herself, pack her own bag… and since last year she’s even been going to school on her own.

It also certainly helps when your mum’s in this Happiness business because Adelynn’s daughter gets heaps of life advice from her. She isn’t your typical lion mum who would stride up the principal’s office to confront her daughter’s bully. Rather, she would sit her daughter down and teach her exactly how to negotiate and deal with the haters – the right way.

A Homebody yet a Traveller

Interestingly, despite Adelynn’s energetic and playful disposition, she’s actually a homebody. Two years back when she was down in the dumps, she found herself turning to sources like Oprah Winfrey shows and the two guys behind the Minimalism project for solace and inspiration. Somehow, this much needed home-alone time afforded her the peace and direction she was searching for.


Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world” …I’ve learned through time that the world’s too big. So I’ve narrowed it down – be the change you wish to see… in your life.

However, being a homebody doesn’t discount her love for travelling. When asked what her favourite country to visit was, she brightly declared “Japan!”, mentioning that she enjoys visiting the country with her photographer husband for the food, the scenery and the experiences with the locals.

So who is Adelynn Lee?

Adelynn is the epitome of “been there, done that”, and someone who’s been through the downs of life only to punch back twice as hard – her radiant smile is a testament to that. And while some women fear that they will “lose themselves after being a mum”, she doesn’t let the stereotypes of “motherhood” or “womanhood” tie her down. She chases her aspirations with a newfound fervour each day.

To me, Adelynn represents lifelong learning and the desire to harvest all that the world has to offer; every day was an opportunity to live and learn, and above all – to find the joy in doing so.



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