#TheGoodTravel: Traveling For Good in Myanmar (Part 2)

With the increased ability to travel around the world, how can we make our miles count?

The Hidden Good had been traveling with Actxplorer to uncover and learn more about the various social enterprises in Myanmar that had been making a positive impact in their community. Here are the next two installations of the series and check out the first two if you haven’t. We’ve also attached the mentioned videos at the end of the article for your convenience!

Youth with a Mission: Mission to provide nutrition

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“One of the best ways (to lack of protein and nutrition) is to serve a glass of soymilk to them (poor children)”

Youth with a Mission (YWAM) is an organization that aims to tackle the needs of the poor living in slums by providing a glass of soymilk.  With natural disasters causing widespread poverty, many poor children lacked nutrition and protein. Hence, YWAM piloted a soymilk truck initiative to bridge this issue of protein deficiency.


“Every week, we feed 1,500 children in 7 different locations”

With Peter Saw, the founder of YWAM, we had the opportunity to learn more about the soymilk production process and distribute the soymilk to eager kids in the township Hlaing Tharyar. The community greeted us with warm smiles as we distributed soymilk to them.

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 5.33.03 pm.png

“Many poor people settle themselves in the slum areas and (they) think they are going to live like that for a long time; But I want them to know their destiny”

Peter also shared that the Cyclone Nargis in 2008 had left a devastating impact in Myanmar. An estimated 2 to 3 million people were left homeless, and they had to settle themselves in overcrowded slum areas. Such poverty leaves a lasting impact on children as they may find it hard to receive an education, which may result in a lack of employment opportunities in the future.

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“You encourage one person just for a minute, it will lead to their destiny”

Despite their poor living conditions, Peter wanted to remain positive for them. These kids may feel limited by their circumstances, but Peter hopes that with YWAM’s constant interaction and encouragement, these kids can remain healthy, realise their potential and rise beyond their circumstances!

Yangon Street Food Tour: Education for “Street Children”

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“This whole thing (Food Tour) was to support street children education in the streets, right at this place (by the road)”

Have you ever travelled to a country and sign up for a local food tour? With Yangon Street Food Tour, you can do some good while getting in touch with the Myanmar food culture too! Started in 2017, Yangon Street Food Tour brings people to Downtown Yangon where they can try traditional and interesting Myanmar street food such as the Couple Snack, Gangster Snack and Fried Worms. All proceeds go to funding local school where street children can receive education.

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 5.38.40 pm.png

“The passion I shared with my friends is all about the children and future”

One of the founders of the school, Sang Sang, brought us to explore the many food stalls that littered along the streets. He shared with us his passion in the future of young children, and how education plays a huge role in that. He felt that being able to read and write is a basic human right and that no child should be robbed of that regardless of his circumstances.

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 5.41.45 pm.png

Currently, the school houses 3-4 teacher volunteers, and 23 children aged 2-15 years old. If you want to do some good the next time you are in Myanmar, join the food tour so you can enjoy your time there while doing good!

If you’ve not checked out these two videos yet, check them out here! We hope that our series has inspired you to make your miles count!

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Written By: Kimberly Lee

Edited By: Vanessa Tay



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