#THEGOODEFFORTS: The “Fairy Godmothers” Of Our Little Red Dot

I’m sure you’ve seen touching stories and videos of Make-A-Wish efforts all over the world. However, have you heard about the ones happening right here on our little red dot?

Make-A-Wish Foundation Singapore has been granting wishes since it sparkled to life in April 2002. The foundation grants the wishes of children facing life-threatening illnesses and so far, they have granted close to 1,410 wishes and counting. Since we rarely hear about these local stories, I’ve decided to share a few favourites of mine that never fails to warm my heart (and hopefully yours too!)


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Shane, 4-years-old, has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia- a cancer of the white blood cells in his body which causes him to be more prone to getting sick. Due to this, he does not get to go out often thus, his wish was for a simple day-out. Make-A-Wish decided with the help of Kidzania, a child-friendly indoor park to plan a wonderful day for Shane and his friends.

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After which, Shane and his family were gifted with a lovely staycation at Sentosa. But that was not the end of their staycation! To send them home after, an array of Ferrari sports cars were waiting and Shane was given the chance to choose any of them he’d like to ride home in.


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Another uplifting story is that of Tisya, a 4-year-old who also suffers from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. She is a lively and jovial little girl who absolutely loves anything to do with princesses or My Little Pony. Due to her illness, she misses her playschool performances. Therefore, her wish was to become a stage performer.

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Make-A-Wish decided to make her wish come true by decorating Furama’s Hotel ballroom with ponies, dressing her in a beautiful Rainbow Dash dress and a giving her a professional styling session. She and her friends also had an experienced coach rehearse with them for a performance. After the amazing final performance, she and her friends were each handed out awards with the biggest one going to Tisya!

Jue Ming

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Last but not least is 10-years-old Jue Ming who has Haemophilia B-a hereditary bleeding disorder, Asperger’s and global development delay. Being a big Harry Potter Fan, Jue Ming wished for a Harry Potter themed birthday party.

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Even before his birthday, he and his family were surprised with a dinner at Platform 1094-a Harry Potter themed café. He was also gifted with a magic wand by the staff of Platform 1094. He also brought home a chocolate flavoured ‘snitch’ cake to be enjoyed during his birthday party. On the day of the party, his friends and he were treated with lovely props, a piñata, and an unforgettable cake.

These are only a few testimonies of the amazing efforts that Make-A-Wish Singapore has done to bring such joy to all these children and for that, we thank and admire them from the bottom of our hearts.

Make-A-Wish also carries out other activities such as Santa Run For Wishes which takes place on 2nd December 2018: an event which raises funds for beneficiaries of Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Right here at the Good Catalogue, we believe that we are all blessed to be a blessing. So if what you read has tugged your heart strings and you want to support Make-A-Wish Foundation’s cause, just check out their website to see how you can help!

Doing good doesn’t have to look a certain way.


Written By: Peter Sharvin Skandarajah

Edited By: Vanessa Tay










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