Everyday Heroes : Weiling

Weiling sees the world with a refreshingly untainted perspective and is unafraid to declare her very controversial belief that unicorns and fairies exist, a declaration that we can’t help but smile at upon hearing. This sparkle-eyed girl is a volunteer from HOPE Dog Rescue, which she describes as “an animal welfare group that believes in miracles and giving hope to animals when others fail to believe in them.”

W:  Most of our rescues are senior dogs and dogs with severe disabilities or special needs whom other organisations are not able to take in due to the amount of care and resources required to look after these doggies.

Weiling used to be terribly afraid of large dogs, but seeing how friendly and sweet they were in welcoming the volunteers changed her impression of them. “My heart melted,” she added, “and I plucked up the courage to pat the doggies too!” She hopes that in time to come, people will also change their impression of stray dogs and hopefully choose to adopt dogs rather than buy them. The other kind volunteers and donors at HOPE inspire Weiling to do the work she does, because she is always touched by their enthusiasm in extending a helping ‘paw’ to the needy dogs.

WL Feeding.jpg

What is the most memorable experience you’ve had while volunteering here?

W: I guess one recent memorable incident I can recall is when we brought a stray puppy to a clinic for sterilisation and tried to find him a new home. When we placed the stray puppy into the car, the worker who looked after him stuck his hand into the car window and gave the stray puppy a few loving strokes and words of goodbye. It was a ‘YouTube moment’. I could see tears in his eyes despite his beaming face. I wanted to cry too. His smiley face belied his feelings of nostalgia and wistfulness. He was happy for the puppy but knew that he would most certainly miss him at the same time. The worker actually told the puppy “from now on, your life over”. It was quite funny.

What do you think is the simplest act someone can do to make a difference?

W: Smile! 🙂 Believe in the good in people. Speak good words, share good stories, do good deeds, think good thoughts.

“Kindness begets kindness.”

W: By starting from being kind to the people around us, this would spread. They would then be kind to those around them as well, having experienced kindness themselves.

We share the same sentiments. For there to be change in the world, the change needs to start in you. No act of kindness, no matter how small, will stop at a dead end. “Doing good means making others happy,” Weiling says, “and by others, I don’t just mean people but the environment and our animal friends too!”

“Doing good also does not have to be a Herculean task” 

Weiling strongly believes that everyone can be a changemaker in their own ways. To youths, she says that there is no better time to experience new things and leave our marks on the world.  “If there is anything you have been wanting to do, don’t put it off!” she adds. Time waits for no man, and we must keep that in mind as we spur ourselves each day to do the things we’ve always wanted to do!

“It doesn’t take a hero to be a hero. A baby can be a hero too just by flashing a megawatt smile and making someone else smile.”

Of course, she doesn’t disappoint and leaves us a part of her bubbly personality when we ask her how she would encourage others to be an Everyday Hero like herself. With a refreshed mind, we shall bid you readers farewell for now with Weiling’s meaningful adieu: Goodbye heroes!

Everyday Heroes is an online series that captures stories of youths creating impact and embracing possibilities to build a more positive community in Singapore. Most importantly, they help stand as positive reminders that doing good doesn’t have to look a certain way!


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