Everyday Heroes : Lloyd

“I don’t want them to go through the same kind of childhood as I did.”

Our next everyday hero is 25-year-old student Lloyd, who didn’t have the perfect of childhoods, and in fact he described it as tough. However, that didn’t stop him from being a wonderful person for himself, and for others too. Lloyd channeled his emotions, admirably so, to doing things for the community. He told us, “My childhood was tough, but I told myself –  I’m going to try my best to make an positive impact in every child’s life so that none of them would have to go through the same kind of childhood as I did.”

When asked about his other inspirations, Lloyd told us, “I firmly believe that making a positive impact in their lives while they (the kids) are young and showing them acts of kindness – this will allow them to pass on the kindness to others when the day comes.”



Packed with a bag of motivation from his past, Lloyd went on to spearhead some community-beneficial projects like Ahoy Captain, on top of his volunteer stints with external organisations like YouthCorps and SIM iCare. Ahoy Captain started out as a random idea that he proposed to his friends and it turned into a fruitful experience for Lloyd and his friends!

Why not just stick to volunteering you’d wonder? Well, we had the same thought as well. He later explained the trigger point was when he realised that he’s joined multiple volunteering events, so why not organise one?


“Doing good to me simply means helping others unconditionally and offering simple gestures of gratitude.”        

We asked further about the event Touch with Love, an initiative that he was volunteering with HCA Hospice Care, Singapore’s largest home hospice care provider. Lloyd described it as an eye-opening experience, much expectably. Often times, people take time for granted, and only pay more attention to what we do with it when it is slowly escaping us. He recalls the eventful project and described, “This event itself showed me a new perspective on life and struck me. I was amazed how these patients, despite their illnesses, still live their lives in content and to the fullest, cherishing their every day till the end. This taught me that I should appreciate what I have now, and cherish every bit of it too.”

When asked about the influence of volunteerism in Singapore, Lloyd relates that it’s kind of hard to spread volunteerism to the younger generation as it is not a norm to do so, and especially in Singapore context where a lot younger people are more concern with their own immediate well-being, hence the pursuit of money or self-interest first.

On a more uplifting note, he added, “It’s worthy to note here that there will also be other young people of the opposite side who would dedicate their time to volunteer and help make a change in other’s life.”

We hope that Lloyd’s story has inspired you or struck a chord within you to give back to the community! Lloyd’s inspiring story has taught us an important learning point – that anyone can turn their life around if they want to, and they can turn others’ too. We end this story with a rousing word of advice from Lloyd.

“Anyone can be a change maker- it all boils down to whether an individual is willing or not. I would just encourage them to take the first step to see what it is like to make a difference in someone else’s life and what new journey lies for them.”

Everyday Heroes is an online series that captures stories of youths creating impact and embracing possibilities to build a more positive community in Singapore. Most importantly, they help stand as positive reminders that doing good doesn’t have to look a certain way!


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