Everyday Heroes : Kok Chung

“I’m a catalyst – I play the enabler role to enable people to be the best that they can be.”

In our first meet-up with Kok Chung, he struck us as a person with a zest of life, a bag of passion and enthusiasm displayed through his energetic demeanour. Our next everyday hero is a Year 1 Environmental Engineering student at National University of Singapore. As a volunteer actively partaking in multiple volunteering events, Kok Chung dedicates time for this activity that is close to his heart – despite his intense schedule as a full-time student. With diverse experiences across many “kinds” of social enterprises and organisations, Kok Chung found himself being involved in projects involving a recurring audience group – particularly, youth at risks.

Some of the initiatives he has joined includes for organisations like Strong Mind Fit Body, Uninhibited Spaces, SDI Academy, Ground-up Initiative, EDGE Community, West Coast Youth Executive Committee, Youthcorps Singapore, REACH Youth and that includes The Hidden Good.

GUI H3ROES Camp - for an environmental cause.jpg

We caught up with the humble and mirthful youth to ask him about his thoughts about doing good and his inspirations.

What inspires or drives you in this direction?
KC: It is this collective understanding that there are things we can improve in this world and there are people out there who lives can be improved significantly – perhaps just not discovered. Youths at this age are also at the peak of their learning curves. They are open to wanting to change the world – and are deeply influenced by their peers.  With this, it motivates me to push them further by bringing them out of their comfort zones and heighten their desire to change the world by influencing more people.

As a student in National University of Singapore (NUS), many may wonder – how can one find time amidst the tight schedules of project assignments, exams and whatnots? A commitment and dedication so admirable, Kok Chung is a certainly a tough character truly accountable to his cause.

What’s your biggest challenge juggling so many commitments?
KC: Time management, definitely! We only have 24 hours a day, there is only that much time we have, however, within this 24 hours that everyone has, we all choose to use it differently. Choose the right things and choose things that matter to you most and you won’t find yourself “juggling with commitments” but having enough time to “devote accordingly to make a fulfilling life”. Dissect your time and allocate them according to your priorities is how I deal with it – priorities.

GUILD Maker Faire Showcase.jpg

As an ardent volunteer, what are your thoughts on volunteering? 
KC: Volunteering builds empathy and such experiences also increase your tolerance for a lot of different things which is definitely helpful in the long run. However, like what I said earlier, volunteering should be something that is in the long run, never something that is touch and go.

Watch this video below and hear Kok Chung articulate his thoughts in this heartfelt interview.
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Everyday Heroes is an online series that captures stories of youths creating impact and embracing possibilities to build a more positive community in Singapore. Most importantly, they help stand as positive reminders that doing good doesn’t have to look a certain way!

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