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We live in a world where sensationalized negativity seems to prevail and our news feeds are flooded with the meaningless. The Good Catalogue aims to change that.

Whether it’s something you see on the streets or experience yourselves – good stuff is happening everywhere. In partnership with our friends at The Hidden Good, we bring to you stories that matter, be it in print or social media.

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Annabelle Lim

Content Partner / Co-Founder
Annabelle is the Content Partner at THG and was in charge of setting up The Good Catalogue in 2017. Prior to this, she worked for one of SEA’s largest online media publications, The Smart Local. A lawyer by training, she studied at University College London and was subsequently plugged into the London social impact scene, where she headed the Corporate Outreach team for a notable social enterprise. On the side, she has coordinated a private charity effort over the last 10 years in Vietnam, and has learned the ins and outs of the non-profit sector through this. Annabelle is currently an analyst at Antler, a global Venture Capital, in order to gain exposure into the world of scalable businesses and to build the next wave of tech.

Isaac Tan (XY)

Creative Producer
Isaac aka XY is THG’s Creative Lead with years of experience in video production and a flair for storytelling. Discovering the back stories of people and creating an experience for them through social impact storytelling has been his key focus. Film-making has enabled him to bring many stories across the world and build bridges to allow a more intimate understanding of both the positivity and negative that lies around the world today. On a day-to-day basis as a professional, aiming to provide the highest level of satisfaction both as a practitioner and service provider. In this vein, he continues to try explore new means and mediums to inspire the next generation of aspiring content creators and our larger community, connecting them into the meaningful content successfully to help ignite social change.

Aravind Sabapathy

Partnerships Lead
Aravind is the Partnerships Manager at THG. With a background in marketing and customer relationship management and strengths in strategy and connecting possibilities, Aravind manages and grows all partnerships for THG to enable the team to remain sustainable and growing our impact. As a people-oriented person, he helps partners understand more about their work, uncover possibilities for collaboration and amplification – not just through our work with them but also seeing how we can connect our partners together. With a futuristic mindset, he is also able to look ahead to foresee new avenues for growth, to help THG, our community and our extended network of partners.

Bernice Lim

Junior Content Producer
Bernice is TGC’s Junior Content Producer. She curates socially impactful content through video production, storytelling and many other means of communication. She also assists with creative conceptualization through research using different source and assembles all footage and integrates music as per the project requirements for THG/TGC.

Claire Tui

Junior Creative Producer
Claire curates content for TGC/THG’s social media platforms. She organises and produces organic content such as videos for partners. Alongside this, she liaises with partners, profiles and crews for shoots. Thereafter, she generates reports on social media engagements for campaigns/projects.

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