A little kindness amidst the virus

When news of COVID-19 came about, many people were in shock. In hopes that the situation will improve, many carried on with their lives. However, as time passed, the virus spread and life has not been the same. While we practice being socially responsible by observing safe distancing, there are people who want to go beyond and help out in ways that they can. We’ve reached out to 3 brands that have put measures into place in a bid to make things a little less dull in these troubling times, here are some of their efforts!

  1. BooksActually


“In times like these, this is the least that we can do, standing in solidarity with the frontline personnel. Hopefully, we are able to convey our thoughts and appreciation for what they are doing, and may it be another source of strength.”

BooksActually is an independent bookstore specialising in fiction and Literature. Understanding how hard our frontline healthcare professionals are working to combat Covid-19, BooksActually has placed appreciation cards in store, as part of SGUnited, for customers to pen their messages of support. At the same time, the customer is immediately entitled to a 10% discount on in-store purchases.

A little kindness goes a long way, let us all show our support for our fellow people, at a safe distance of course.

BooksActually will also be extending the 10% discount to all frontline staff.

While we practise social responsibility and stay home, this is the perfect opportunity to start reading. You can make your purchase on their website and enjoy a nice afternoon enriching your mind.

2.         EtonHouse Community Fund

“As our children try to make sense of the world, we hope to highlight to them that they have the capacity to choose to do small things with great love, and that kind gestures will bring everyone closer together.” – Ms. Amanda Cho

In order to help educate children about the current situation, EtonHouse Community Fund, a registered IPC charity, published a children’s book A New Virus Has Arrived. The book is an exclusive publication written, illustrated and translated in-house and is available in both English and Chinese.

This book is written and illustrated to help children understand, prompt them to share their feelings and help them navigate the worries that may follow because of this global pandemic. It is written in a narrative format to better engage young children and educate them about the virus through a story.

In facilitating such conversations, families are supported as children can understand the virus and its implications. The book also creates opportunities for learning experiences at home.

Currently, A New Virus Has Arrived is being used by schools, children homes and clinics and it has been translated into Vietnamese, Bahasa, Tamil, Malay, Spanish, Japanese, Greek. A small step in addressing the important facts about this pandemic with a global impact. 

After reading the book, the children were keen to find out how they could play a part in helping those affected by the virus, inspiring EtonHouse to publish a sequel The Language of Kindness, a bilingual book that reflects acts of kindness – ‘small things with great love’ by all the silent heroes in Singapore amidst the Covid-19 outbreak.

While we play our part, let’s all work together to help one another navigate through these tumultuous times.

3.         Comics for good


“I was shocked when the first comic went viral – I told my friend “How is it possible? Has no government or health organisation explained in simple terms to the public how the virus spreads yet, and what precautions to take?” It seemed to me that most organisations have been too busy dealing with the crisis to provide clear risk communication to the public, including kids and the elderly.”

One way that information has been made digestible and accessible is through simple illustrations that show the effects of the virus. Weiman Kow, the founder of Comics for good, a social good initiative aiming to share factual information with the public in a simple and clear manner with comics.

Her works have garnered over 100k shares, translated into over 30 languages and shared by the Chennai Airport, Siemens and the governments of Mexico, Italy, and Malaysia. You can check out her compiled works here.

In the era of fake news, information is easily disseminated and it becomes hard to discern fact from fiction. Furthermore, most organisations have been too busy dealing with the crisis to provide clear risk communication to the public, to kids, and to the elderly. This is where independent creators like Weiman, who funds the website entirely out of her own pocket, come in to bridge the gap in communication.

It is essential that we work together as a community to share factual and easily understood information about COVID-19 to combat the risks of misinformation, which could induce situations like panic buying or claims of cures that are fake.

If you’re looking for ways to contribute, Comics for good is looking for volunteers, so visit their website to get in touch.

It is important that we care for communities affected by the COVID-19 outbreak and work together in this time of need. For more information on how you can play a part, visit https://www.sgunited.gov.sg/.

Written By Natalie

Natalie is a content writer that enjoys sunsets and movies. She loves having deep conversations about the world and dreams about being a rockstar. Connect with her on Instagram : @quackitsdonald



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